About us

Allergy Zen Blog has been created by two experts in their own respective fields. We are opponents of healthy lifestyle, good karma, self-healing and self-improvements.

Alex L. , M.S.

Alex is originally from Russia where he grew up among avid proponents of healthy lifestyle and natural foods. He’s traveled to over 30 countries around the world, learned the ways people live in modern societies, and is trying to bring this knowledge to the modern society of the United States. Alex is used to eating true organic foods like kasha, visiting russian sauna to relax and detoxify your body and drinking caffeine-free herbal teas. He also owns a double-furred , russian blue cat, despite of an allergy to cats.


Dr. Abidi , M.D.

Dr. Abidi is originally from Pakistan, currently lives in Canada. He has an M.D. specializing in surgery. He is currently overseeing and approving medical-related content on AllergyZen.com .

Be Well !